At ICE N PEBBLES, we assure you the leap and momentum in your business, irrespective of whether you are currently slipping on the ice or are stuck up amidst the pebbles.
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Yes you are promoting your product well. But is it still not working?What if your entire company strategy needs a revamp? Let us give you an outside perspective after deep analysis that helps you explore your inner core in an altogether different light.


Not sure how to promote? Print, TV, Radio, Outdoor, SMS, Events, Online, CPMs, PPCs, Regional, National, Analog, Digital, Emailers, PR….Don’t worry. We are experts and happy to sort this issue out for you right from selecting the medium to its final planned execution.


Let your people loose so that a fun filled energetic session can liven them up with knowledge and help them leap the boundaries of their minds. What else can it result into but a much higher energy and contribution to work in turn crafting the company’s growth


We are your online guardians. Once the entrance has great interiors, we take it forward from there, strategically and resourcefully, so that you can be at peace holidaying by the country side, knowing your online business is in the safest of hands.


Mobile applications and mobile apps, whether for android or Iphone are on a rampage and you cannot afford to miss it out. A thoughtful and user friendly application can engage and involve audience to increase the brand recall substantially.


If the office looks good to customers, half the work is done. This is what we intend to do. We want to make sure that your online office is spic and span which leaves a good lasting impression on your clients.
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What our clients say

Melbourne Wine and Dine festival is one of the most important events in the country. We have been very satisfied by offloading work to Ice n Pebbles and we look forward to associating with them for future projects.

Melbourne Wine Festival

Melbourne Wine Festival

Marc Hughes (Head of Operations)

Our Cancer Research is one of the most potential projects having approval from the State. It is an extremely important area to work on as this is one of its kind. When we got introduced to Ice N Pebbles through online search, we knew this was it and our search for digital marketing finally ends. Our experience has been great so far and it has been a very smooth journey so far. Our thing I would like to highlight is about their involvement in the project as if their own. Hope will continue the same in future too. Great going guys.

Virtual Cancer Centre

Dr G. Kale (Cancer Research Specialist, Missouri)

These guys literally bailed us out. With 10 days to go for the event and tickets for after event party remaining to be sold, what these guys did through their consulting, seo and social media was nothing short of a miracle. Hats off to you guys!

Arab Indo Bollywood Awards

Arab Indo Bollywood Awards

Pravin Rai (Lead Coordinator - India)

I am a client who is ready to pay that extra price for quality and security. If that is what you too are looking for, then there is none other than these high skilled professionals. I really liked their out of the box thinking process and consulting approach. They really give a lot of security and comfort as I can be rest assured about their sincerity, expertise and involvement. Thanks a ton guys.

Can You Play

Can You Play

Author (to be published book)

New Age Marketing


Every job commands its own unique skills. When it comes to digital marketing, it is not just about the technical knowledge and experience but about going an extra mile and be hands in gloves with the marketer whose business you are trying to grow. Hence it is important to have skills over and above that of pure digital marketing. As a group, these are the skills we carry forward in our dealing with the clients and in our work processes. Without these, excellence would have been a step ahead of us.
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At Ice N Pebbles

Hi there. Over the years we have handled many clients with myriad of business problems. We might have made mistakes, but have also overcome them to give an ever larger delight to each and every of our clients. While you might have looked at our skills above, I would like emphasize on few facts which gives us an edge in this industry and which should give you real peace and comfort. Firstly, we have real digital marketing expertise. We are aware of all the common as well as niche areas in this field and the level of depth that we can go into easily surpasses the common available norms by enough margin. Secondly, we provide not just digital marketing, but a blend of consulting and strategy as well. Hence you can be rest assured that your projects are being looked into in a more thorough manner, not overlooking any aspect that can help your brand in the long run. It's a thorough, thoughtful and insightful work. Thirdly, we take accountability of your projects. Yes, we actually stick our necks out to promise you results and our clients have easily minted a high ROI in a short span of time. Again, all of this would not have been possible without the client's trust and faith, as well as the earlier two points. We consider ourselves deeply accountable to you. You can check out our tough nuts' cracked page to get more idea about our hard to crack cases. Hope you appreciate the above and look forward to working with you in the future.