ICE N PEBBLES management team has 40 years of work experience which spans across multiple countries and continents, and across the sectors of Media, Telecom, Retail, IT and Entrepreneurship.

More than 22 years of experience combined in software and online marketing. We have been writing and working on complex algorithms / programs and implementing them digitally right from the time digital revolution began in the late nineties.

Our multi-disciplinary and multi-talented team includes software developers, content writers, graphics designers, search engine optimisers and more. We believe in providing impactful business solutions. Our work is highly methodical, structured and strategy oriented.


We believe success closely follows passions. Our team is handpicked and each of us evidently portrays these two criteria - passion for technology and passion for impactful business solutions. This is what gives us a kick.

Each of our client challenges are being met with passionate people who love their work and give solutions that goes over and above just solving those challenges. We go into great depth to smoothen out any difficulties for our client.

Every assignment is looked at from the impact point of view. We involve our team across multiple functions right from the start so as to not miss out on the important perspectives. Each of our team members is relied upon to get their hands dirty with analysis, present clients with recommendations, and be able to implement solutions effectively. Our passion enables regular brain storming discussions and ideations for all of our clients.


We believe in building solutions that will last. This requires thinking long term, thinking competition, thinking industry and more. And that is how we think. It comes naturally to us. Is finally about creating an impact.

Our strategy could go over and above digital. We also provide strategic consulting to business problems. As we evaluate your presence digitally, we may come across new business ideas that could be encashed further on. It has happened many a times.

We might put established models and frameworks to work in order to give you a visual representation of your digital presence or business. Or we may create a new one of our own and present to you the larger picture. Once we work together, in many ways we work as your brand custodians.


Design & Development - We cater to all design and development work across various platforms. We work our way systematically from the psd to wire framing and prototyping. We also build custom solutions, e-commerce applications across all technology platforms.

Digital Marketing - We provide an exhaustive array of digital marketing solutions. Apart from the core focus areas such as Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and so on, we also work as digital surgeons and probe deeper into specific aspects especially for larger sites in order to provide relevant insights and remove bottleneck.

Industry Solutions - We cater to all industries - healthcare, entertainment, real estate, skill development, securities, writers and more. We have applications specifically geared for certain sectors like real estate. In each of these industries we also take up marketing or strategy consulting work on request.

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