Online Reputation

The rise of the internet has given birth to a lot of good things … and a lot of things that are not so good. Now your good name can end up in the hands of people you can’t identify—and who are in places you may not be able to point to on a map.

Our team of detectives spread their wings in all directions. They crawl, climb, jump, peep and sneak in to see what is being said about you, by whom, where in what context. They just like it. Part PR gurus, part tech experts, they specialize in providing online makeovers—often by burying negative search results and promoting content that accentuates a client’s desired image.

Not only that, they cannot tolerate any adverse comment against their clients. They get worked up. They feel suffocated. They reach on the spot and try to diffuse the fire. In rare cases, they send an immediate distress signal to the HO. Because they know, a single bad word of mouth in this generation over time reaches to hundreds, thousands, and even more denting the perception in the minds of consumers, eventually leading to revenue loss.

The traditional techniques, advanced licensed techniques and the newest hearsay ideas make us the best in town in your online reputation management.

Guaranteed Digital results result in achieving the objective of the clients and increase in revenues.
Saved lakhs and crores of client’s revenue through proper handling of online abuses hurled at the client.

Our ORM Process

We take our client's reputation very seriously, very very seriously.


We start with discovering the current reputation. We try to do a brand perception mapping too in order to discover the lapses in imagery. We also look at other issues confronting you, like some negative comments that have come to the forefront.

We also look at other issues confronting you, like some negative comments that have come to the forefront. All of this helps us to know better and whether the issue can be involved purely through digital or does it entail some ground work too as we have frequently seen. We also take up the task of communicating with your target audience in response to their queries and comments.


Based on the objective we start to create a roadmap to improve online reputation.


We start to execute the work identified in the strategy phase. The work is generally mapped out month wise with due parameters to be tracked on each month. The work might happen on multiple fronts at once and multiple streams of digital marketing could be pulled in together to achieve the task.


We start listening to the conversations happening about you in much finer detail and if required use the relevant tools with neural network applications to come up with correct analysis.

We provide you visible reports that help you to understand the improvement areas and further course of action.

Case Studies


Speakwell English

Speakwell is one of the largest and reputed companies in the English Speaking and skill industry in India. Revamping of current website, business strategy and increase online ROIs across franchisees through digital marketing.

ASTM Skills Pvt. Ltd.

ASTM (Advanced Skills Training and Management) is the leading player in national skills development in India. This case study involves our complete website revamp, strategy, migration and other aspects of digital marketing.

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