Marketing Consulting
"Keeping customers at the core"

Keeping customers as the core, we help clients to bridge various marketing led issues some of which include :

  • Customer insights and segmentation: We have clients understand customer needs and behaviours based on our in-depth analysis using our licensed tools as well as on-ground research. Based on the data we develop actionable segmentation and arrive at the ‘sweet spot’ which is the area of distinct advantage over competitors. This helps to firm up business decisions and investment allocation.

  • Customer experience: We identify the touch points with the customers across the spectrum and consult you so as to ensure consistent delivery of top-notch experiences in turn leading to word-of-mouth marketing and increase in top-line growth.
  • Go to market strategy : We assist you in identifying the channels that are most appropriate for your business. If required we shall also lead you to the right partner in this regards keeping the overall budget in mind. This includes Print, Radio, Outdoor, TV, SMS, Emailers, Events, Online, PPCs, CPMs and more.


As Marketing Consultant we can help you in the below marketing domains:



Strategy Consulting
"Aligning for maximum growth "

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                                  Devising the Strategic Gameplan


Imagine you are a CEO. You are promoting your product well. Everything was going hale and hearty until…now..You are beginning to lose market share on your key product despite the sales. So what is it? Have new entrants caused the dip? Are competitors selling more? There are internal stakeholders to cater to. Marketing urges you to increase advertising and R&D wants more money to develop new product. Finance is worried about debts and Human resource does not have the relevant pipeline to build through the crisis?

This is where real decision happens. But to ensure that the decisions give competitive advantage, insights into the current problem at hand from multiple dimensions help to make an informed decision. That’s where we come in.



We look through our magnifying glass into all aspects that can hinder or better your chances, get into analysis and work out the strategic plan. We help identify the issue underneath the problem and in many cases help re-define the problem. Maybe the costs need to reduce, maybe a new product line needs to be introduced or maybe its a different thing altogether keeping a longer vision in mind. It’s tailor made, for your business and for your vision.


Corporate Training
"We Train you"

We provide training based on requirement of the client. Generally our training goes hand in hand with our digital marketing consulting and as a part of strategy when we need to offload certain areas of operation to the client, we provide the requisite training. Having said that we also provide customised training on multiple digital marketing module. Ask us to know more.

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