Strategic Business Consultation
""For small and large business solutions" "

Businesses have evolved with real estate in this digital era, and the older ways of doing things have to pave way for new.  Well! things are changing, or rather have changed, right from the way you search for properties to the way you finalise the deals. Gone are the days when homebuyers scoured weekend newspaper classifieds to identify open homes and land properties. Processes are now accessible at the tip of your hand. And so you will find it hard if digital strategy is not properly put in place. All the major players have embraced the change over the last decade or so.  Know what is happening in the real estate digital space. Let’s discuss the larger perspective of things shaping up digitally in your industry and come up with a strategy to mitigate any potential risks.

Whether you are a small or big real estate firm or a broker, there are umpteen solutions in the Real estate sector that can prove profitable for you.

Our 20+ years of experience in the business space and 30+ years of experience in digital field gives us the edge to create impact for your business.

ROI driven advertising
""Conversion is the key focus""

We Are the Bridge Between Your Business Expertise and the New World of Online Marketing. If your focus is pure ROI (the leads and the conversions), we have options for it too and it goes just beyond the normal ppc campaign. Yes our experience has taught us multiple avenues to generate ROI focussed campaigns with due measurement metrics in place and further optimization.

We utilize various marketing channels to continuously improve your results over time. Our team makes sure to stay in the forefront of marketing trends.

It’s tried, tested and extremely result-oriented. Eager to know more?

Localised Results
""Let's get the low hanging fruits first""

You have inventories in specific areas. And so the chances of people buying your property is also maximum from localised areas. Many new businesses follow the herd and begin global marketing the moment they hit the web instead of going tactical. This approach for many businesses not only backfires, but the damage caused to the digital marketing presence takes an even longer time to recover. Going global is just not the answer always. Knowing the right listing places and further enhancing local results through appropriate digital marketing solution is the key.

We have handled multiple locality bound projects through our multi-disciplinary digital marketing approach and have over course very strategically moved things up the hierarchy keeping business priorities in mind. Let’s discuss things further.

Online Reputation
"We like to keep it clean"

Securing your reputation online has become essential in this new digital era. We have handled multiple clients who were losing out and were at their wits end when due to the negative results on search engines customers were turning their offer down. Searching for your reviews and knowing your reputations has become a pre-requisite  in this digital era. The repute might get affected not only by overlooking certain concerns of customers in a rush, but also by certain practices adopted by competitors as we have come to know during our work. And know that it is finally a relative game. Your reputation could be good, but still be lacking behind others.

Do you know?
  • 2 in 5 individuals who rely on internet to get a doctor look for physician ratings
  • 82% patients say reviews influence their decisions
  • Patients tend to spend 31% more on doctors with positive reviews
  • 84% of Internet users count on customer reviews more than expert reviews
  • 20% of all searches on Google are location specific


We have over the years used proven ethical practices to grow and maintain our client’s repute. It’s bigger that what it seems like but we eventually have been successful in keeping it clean. Let’s dicuss.

Custom Solutions
"Tailor made for you"

We cater to all organisation wide demands. We provide tailor made internet and desktop solutions such as ERP, Human Resource module, inventory management and more. Customer experience is the key. Now there is possibility to generate new leads by nurturing and tracking prospects from inquiry through to a sale and beyond, thus building commanding loyalty and organic referrals.

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"Complete Creative Designing"

Churning out regular creative works is a necessity as different occasions come by. We provide all sorts of creative work – from real estate brochures to on-demand brochures, 3D video, animation, montage and more. We take up complete creative assignents.


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