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Our Search Engine Marketeers are hand picked for your industry and focus on not just cost per conversion, but increasing your business. And when it comes to increasing your business, you have to look ahead, far beyond just the traditional Google Adwords.

We’ve formed unique partnerships within these channels to guarantee correct content placement, and lower cost:

  • Google AdWords and the Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Facebook Promoted Posts and Custom Audiences
  • Twitter Promoted Accounts, Promoted Tweets, and Custom Audiences
  • YouTube In-Stream, TrueView In-Stream, In-Search, and InVideo Ads
  • Conduct contract negotiations with media vendors and buy ad space on your behalf
  • &more…

“No time. Hurry Up. Show the results else fired. Boss on my head, do you get it!” Well, these are pretty much the scenarios in which only Pay Per Click, also known as PPC can help you. But as always, solutions are always holistic when it comes to digital and blending PPC well with other types of online marketing techniques can best amplify your results in times to come. Our consulting and strategic approach to work pretty much ensures that. We create a visual media plan for you to review, and a presentation with details on why this plan is the best fit for your audience and advertising needs.

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Adwords Management Company India

Google doesn’t only rank adverts based on the amount of money someone is willing to pay. They also use a ‘Quality Score’, which takes into account the relevance of your ad to the searcher’s keyword. Your quality score should be at the heart of your Adwords campaigns and a good one will help reduce your advertising costs. Remember, the final aim of Google , no matter what, is relevance to its users. Just to create an ideal landing page takes us days and ‘n’ number of criteria matches before we believe it’s perfect, nothing less that that.

Many nuances to consider – right keywords, right ad and Adgroups, right timing, right structure, right bidding, monitoring, reiteration, re-targeting and more. Connect with us Now.

Our SEM Process

Our comprehensive SEM strategy ensures high conversions at the best of CTR.


Our PPC services India start with discovering your objectives. Our pertinent questions / questionnaire over the course of our meeting as we strategically analyse your website will set the vision for the future tenure.

We discover not only about your objective, but also about your company. And we also perform the current SEO analysis through our customised evaluation model. aThis helps us to further fine tune the objectives based on our understanding of the category and digital marketing.


Based on the first phase of inputs we create a strategy. This is where the keyword research comes into the picture.

We thoroughly analyse the relevant keywords through our unique step-by methodology and create buckets for keywords. This could be an exhaustive exercise depending on the width of business But it sets the groundwork for us.


We set the ball rolling. Based on our strategy and keywords, we head out to make the technical changes on the website as well as the landing page.

This is a recurrent process. We evaluate, change and re-visit the updates multiple times at frequent intervals to evaluate and map the change-outcome scenario. Content on the landing page becomes an integral part of this process.


We create attractive ad copies and perform relevant A/B testing to be able to identify the ones that are working best based on our set objective. The copy varies depending on the type of SEM ad - search or display or else.


It's all transparent. We provide all the relevant metrics each month based on the earlier objective setting and provides a good evaluation of our execution strategy.

It includes google analytics and other modes of measuring analytical data based on our other licensed tools that we put to use as and when required.

Case Studies


Speakwell English

Speakwell is one of the largest and reputed companies in the English Speaking and skill industry in India. Revamping of current website, business strategy and increase online ROIs across franchisees through digital marketing.

ASTM Skills Pvt. Ltd.

ASTM (Advanced Skills Training and Management) is the leading player in national skills development in India. This case study involves our complete website revamp, strategy, migration and other aspects of digital marketing.

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