Speakwell is one of the largest and reputed companies in the English Speaking and skill industry in India. Starting as a English training centre and having launched its own curriculum and books for the same, it boasting of a vast network of franchises pan India. Speakwell has now grown further and entered prominently into the skill training space.  Their vision is to be India’s largest skills training company by creating more than 1 crore employable Indians by 2022. As part of this new vision, Speakwell was looking for a reliable online partner to assist their offline efforts of fast paced growth. Their inquiries per franchise had taken a steep decline over the past one year and they also wanted to acquire new franchises, market new courses and develop a strategy for new business areas.


We were intrigued by the sudden decline in traffic as well as inquiries over the past one year. And that is where we chose to focus on, to understand their past activities, their vision and their aspirations. We realised that the decline started after some changes were made in the online space. On further dissecting we could further figure out exact sources of dissonance causing the issue, one of them being the revised website that was created an year back. Lot of technical parameters were not in sync with the modern standards of operation. In addition, after understanding the core issue and the business goals, we worked together in aligning business ideas and through our online strategy we ensured that the desired results seeped in. The results were positive and visible in a matter of months.


  • -30% Bounce rate
  • +50% new visitors in 4 months
  • +22.23% pages per session
  • +20 keywords on front page

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