Marketers have a clear eye on two things. On one hand he’s is seeing the performance achieved in microscopic detail. On the other he is seeing the growth that the company has achieved.

But what is not being said is that how he relates the two. To synergise the two, he has to think, re-think, re-evaluate, make strategy changes, induce new processes and this process is ON unless there is a strong coherence between the two.

So Analytics is not only about numbers, but also about correlation. It plays an important role in changing the strategies of the company and in many cases revamping the entire system. It has to be finely looked at and finely deciphered too.

With a team of high academic credentials, resulting in strategic and out of the box thinking, you can be rest assured that your Analytics are being continuously monitored and resultant strategy being passed on to you.

  • Unique methodology, in-depth reporting, high professionalism and expertise.
  • Just one strategy can change the fortunes of the company. Who else but experts to hire?

Our Analytics Process

Where the stronger left brains are put to work


Being a strategy driven company, the discover phase pretty much comes at the forefront of all our work. The analytics process actually starts for us in the very beginning. By knowing the audience you are catering to, and the objective of your company, we devise our plans as to the behaviour we want the target audience to exhibit.

Metrics Setup

Based on user behaviour, we identify and finalise the relevant parameters to track in our system. Relevant calendar structures and reporting format are prepared to ease the task at a later date and are appropriately populated.

Analytics Setup

We set up the analytics in your system. Sometimes multiple tools are used to receive a more accurate data and relevant technical inputs are made in to your website.

We also use some licensed tools along with readily available tools for coverage of data from vantage points.


We regularly monitor the identified metrics and their performance. Due feedback is attained and changes made in order to improve on performance.

This is an iterative process.

Case Studies


Speakwell English

Speakwell is one of the largest and reputed companies in the English Speaking and skill industry in India. Revamping of current website, business strategy and increase online ROIs across franchisees through digital marketing.

ASTM Skills Pvt. Ltd.

ASTM (Advanced Skills Training and Management) is the leading player in national skills development in India. This case study involves our complete website revamp, strategy, migration and other aspects of digital marketing.

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