We perform manual audit to evaluate the status of your internal and external SEO foundation through our in-house step based extensive approach. Due recommendations will be presented and this exercise would entail the following aspects at the least :

  • Crawlability
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Keyword Optmization
  • Site Technicals


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The search visibility of client sites versus competitors is a challenge that good understanding of the company’s businesses and requires analysis of on and off-page factors. Many a times competitors turn out to be different than who you think they are. This analysis helps give a different dimension to the SEO efforts and many a times leads to strategic overview of current business.


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Local SEO is increasingly gaining grounds in the search results. Rightly so, as visitors in most instance are on the lookout for a quick solution. If your business does indeed require local SEO, we audit and maintain the quality and consistency of the local SEO citations across all the multiple online listings.

Migrations present many SEO challenges, from design to design. We advise upon correct implementation and a series of tactics that need to be practiced to maintain the current achievement of Search Engine Rankings. Some of the things to be looked into include URL structure, redirects, on-page factors, architecture and more.

There are further areas of Search Engine Optimisation that can be looked into on demand. Once we have a preliminary understanding of your website and the SEO efforts that have been put so far, we can identify from these other areas that can be proving to be a bottleneck and remove them thereof.

Sometimes you might just want to dissect your SEO. There are multiple things that we can do. Each of the items we shall look into more detail and come up with the more strategic insights into that area. This is helpful when you already have an ongoing Seo but the results are stuck.

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