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The entire website development process can be broken down into chunks to make it very neat, structured and meticulous. The same processes for software developmental apply to web development.  Such bifurcation helps align different activities towards a progressive common goal that ultimately culminates into successful project completion. We conduct multiple multi-disciplinary teams initially involving teams and the different perspectives helps us in coming up with the novel and trendy design that aligns itself to all the business goals.




We break each of the functions down into further processes. So our design part is further broken down into multiple steps and varies from project to project based on scope and requirement. One should always keep in mind that website development does not start with coding and doesn’t end after the site is launched.




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A deep understanding of the demography of your customers like age, sex and interested of your end-user may prove crucial in the success of the overall website. In fact, post-launch period is very significant and the website should be agile and flexible enough to accommodate future development add-ons  based on feedback of users or evolving trends in the industry. Following the proper steps that we shall guide you upon start of the project will ensure that everything flows as it should, and you have full control over the project. A foremost web development company India, below highlights just a few of the complete steps that we follow.









Brief Process


Understand your business in depth is our first phase. We need to work as partners and aligning with your business goals and vision makes it much easier for us and to get desired results in the larger scheme of things. We have our own concrete steps that we follow to get this knowledge form you.


Based on exploration we plan our projects by identifying chunks of key areas and estimating the time and effort for each work.


Our actual coding begins here. All coding is done with the latest technology and with the best practices. Special emphasis is given on the security front as it is very compromised in poorly designed sites. We ensure robust security measures across all platforms and are very well equipped with it.


We give you fully ready work which is ready-to-go. All the functionalities are unit tested and all individual elements as well as the overall functional flow are completed tested by our accomplished testing team.

Maintenance and Regular Updating (ongoing)

We need to keep you site fresh, dynamic and keeping in mind the latest trends of the industry. In short we need to keep it relevant. We will create a roadmap for you that will ensure all of the above. It is fully researched and backed up by good industry knowledge.

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