This is a case about online reputation management. This client of ours was facing immense problems and customers were coming into their office with complaints due to their negative reputation in the online space. Indian Real Estate Forum (part of is one of the most authoritative sites on real estate. A negative comment from one of the competitor was featuring prominently on the website and also ranking 2nd on Google search of the client’s name. This was a challenge because of the time involved in removing the high authority link from the Google SERPs while the client had important launches to come in the very near future. And despite raising the complaint with cyber crime cell months ago, their was no respite to their problem.


Aah, this was a new thing for us. We spend the initial days only reading the comments across multiple real estate portals while brewing up a strategy at the back of our minds. And finally came up with one. We gradually started displacing the negative comment from its original position and took it further down. There was also a lot of research involved in terms of knowing the kind of results that could boost the positive image of our client. 

Over a period of time, we also discovered that it was indeed Indian Real Estate Forum itself who was trying to cheat the real estate developer by deliberately maligning it on its forum. They not only changed the title of the thread to defamatory titles (they are not allowed to), but they also ran a 24×7 ad campaign against it. We accumulated due proof of their malpractices and confronted them leading to further legal tussles between them and our client. 

Client could get rid of the negative comment forever. Our digital marketing efforts couple with our strategic view ensured the right imagery in the minds of the consumers thereafter. In addition, there is a lot of value adds and monthly savings amounting to many lakh INR that we could achieve after revising and re-working on their earlier online campaigns. Also, we created a completely new website fully dynamic and responsive with the latest trends to further up their imagery and brand presence. 



  • Removal of negative comment from Google
  • +Lakhs saving in Adwords
  • +40% New Visitors
  • -20% Bounce Rate

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