Zicom had lost all of its analytics data of previous years. People had changed, earlier agency was not willing to share the data. Losing out on data would have resulted in loss of years of data and a we all know it, data is the king. To start all over again would mean that important decisions affecting the strategy of the company would not be possible to make. And there was not one, but multiple properties that had been earlier configured some years back in the analytics.


We retrieved the account for analytics. All the properties were secured and now we could gain access to complete data for each and use them in our analysis for future course of action and gain actionable insights about the customers. It took us many days of rigorous followups, searching through the procedures (but which still were falling short), convincing and using our internal contacts to finally pave way and secure the access for our clients. Needless to say, our client was delighted. It was more than an year they could see any data of theirs. In addition, we maintain the complete website of the client and work closely in all technical aspects including creating of a complete new online presence and increasing the business scope for SEO duly identifying the relevant products and categories based on thorough secondary research. We also execute their online Adwords campaign and have achieved a much better ROI than any of the earlier campaigns.


  • +20 keywords ranking on top page
  • +Analytics Access Restored
  • +Technology stack revamp
  • +20% conversion ROI

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