Client Snapshot

Orchid Cancer Centre has created a breakthrough in the field of mouth cancer treatment in India. It has given a new hope to patients suffering from mouth cancer where conventional surgeries are not able to give a quality life back to the individual. Orchid Cancer Centre specialises in handling stage 4 mouth cancers. Dr Rusy Bhalla M.S. is a post graduate in general Surgery from Seth G.S. Medical College and K.E. M. Hospital Mumbai He has been a practicing laser Surgeon In Mumbai for last 7 years with over 2000 Laser cases to his credit and is also a member of British medical laser Association. Work done by Orchid Cancer Centre has been appreciated internationally with patients and doctors alike. They has got patients from all across the globe.

Our Engagement

Ice N Pebbles┬áhas been associated with our client right from the beginning. In fact it was a casual meeting over a coffee that led to the discussion into digital marketing and the benefits that it can accrue to the doctor and the clinic. Is been years since then and no looking back. We handle all aspects of digital marketing – website creation and management, search engine optimisation, Paid campaigns, influencer marketing and more. We closely consult them on the business side as well.

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