BIG 3s for Content Marketing in 2016

Digital marketing as well as content marketing have become the mainstay for modern-day companies. It is not the era of making cold calls and irking clients with an overload of deals. Instead, customers today want to be educated about what is best for them. Marketing gurus swear by good digital content that is easy to digest and has the ability to influence. Whether you are a large company or a start-up, digital marketing has become a necessary tool to attract customers without pushing them around.

On a primary level, there are three tools necessary for a good digital marketing plan–good content, well-planned SEO and responsive websites. However, if you are looking for some truly innovative and must-do strategies this year, we have identified the three most important things smart marketers will follow.

These three marketing strategies are expected to pay you big this year:

BIG 3s

Document: According to the fifth annual B2B Content Marketing 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America, most B2B marketers have a content strategy, but only 35% have documented it.

BIG 3s 1

Marketers who document their work tend to be more effective in their content marketing plans. Documenting everything ensures that your marketing strategy is followed right up to the end. Having a plan in written available for all to see, enables better communication among the team and gives them the ability to work faster.

It also works as a way to track your work regularly and gain clarity on how the project is progressing. A well-documented strategy can also be maneuvered suitably depending on a changing marketing scenario. You can pace up, curb some action or change your priorities.

Optimize for smaller devices: In the current scenario, one can never say this enough. More people than ever are turning to mobile phones and tablets for information. People don’t stick to desktops of laptops for web browsing any more. However, the extent of mobile penetration is yet to hit a lot of us. This has meant that there is still a lot of scope for companies to reach wider markets simply by making their website more mobile friendly. Ensure that all your online communication is properly optimized for all devices. It should open smoothly on all devices and on any operating system. If not daily, you should check the analytics of your site at regular intervals of time. This will help you to check how well you are performing on different devices.

Make video content mandatory: Video content and video ads have become common these days. We’ve seen a boom of YouTube channels and the good ones are garnering billions of views. Online platforms like Facebook and Bing already offer video advertising options. However, 2016 will see another big boost to this trend as Google is likely to introduce in-SERP video advertising soon now. It’s an indicator that users are now more welcoming of video ads online. The trend would become bigger in 2016 as video ads would be implemented on more platforms than ever before.

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